Is the Extra Energy Worth the Risk?


Do energy drinks wake you up?  Many Americans seem to think so.  But, there are some risks involved with this popular drink.  Large amounts of this drink for adults could become very dangerous.  It could cause heart your heartbeat to increase dramatically. They contain very high levels of sugar and caffeine.  It is said that one energy drink has as much caffeine as twelve cups of coffee!  That amount of caffeine alone could cause heart palpitations,  high blood pressure, anxiety, digestive issues, sleep deprivation, and even dehydration. The high amount of sugar could increase your chances of diabetes.  Many young adults mix energy drinks with alcohol. This increases these risks even more.

These drinks are very dangerous for children.  They are not the typical pop or juice parents might allow their kids to drink.   The amount of caffeine and sugar could cause the child to have seizures, extremely high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats.  Over 5,000 people reported getting sick to poison control in the span of three years.  Over half of those were children.  Investigators reported that most of the children did not know the way they were drinking.

I asked Victor Sanchez, pictured above, if he ever had an energy drink.  He responded that he has.  But, he tries to look at the ingredients to make sure they are not loaded with caffeine.  He prefers one that contains organic ingredients.

Energy drinks are bad for everyone.  Not just children.  But, if you would drink one, pay attention to see if your body is reacting negatively to it.  And above all, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

By: Stevie Brooks

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