Great Tips to Succeed in Academic Classes


With the new school year having begun just a few weeks ago, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the game and focus in class. Students now spend their days like those in the picture above- trying to pay attention and learn.  There are many different important things to remember when starting an academic class, whether it be math, science, history, English, or whatever else. So, here are some helpful tips to keep you at the top of the class.

Have good attendance. Having good attendance is one of the most important things to remember no matter what grade you’re in. It’s really not that hard. The first bell from 6th grade on up rings at eight. My advice is to not stay up later than eleven every night. Set an alarm for 7-7:30 depending on how close to the school you live and how long you take to get ready. Get here BEFORE eight. If you leave early enough, you can even get breakfast. Then, make sure you make it to every class. Carry your stuff for two or three classes at a time depending on how much you need so you don’t have to go to your locker in between every class.

Take notes AND study them. Hey here’s a fun fact. Studies show that if you review and study your notes three or more times, you’ll retain up to eighty percent MORE information than if you just read them once. So hint hint….STUDY!!!!! There are more ways to study than just re-reading notes. Make flashcards. Have someone quiz you. Make a study group. You can meet and quiz each other and help people who are struggling.

Be organized. Ever had that awkward moment when it’s time to hand in last night’s homework, and you’re like, “oh no problem it’s in my folder. I got this!” But you don’t “got” this. You open your folder, and it looks like someone dropped a nuke in there. Because for the last week you’ve just been shoving every paper you’ve been given in there without any kind of order. If you get a binder, with tab dividers, you can separate papers into sections like notes, tests, homework, or miscellaneous. Just try to always make sure you know where everything is.

Ask questions. In class, one of the most beneficial things you can do when you don’t understand something is to just ask the teacher. That’s it. Just ask. Not one teacher in the entire school will make fun of you or get mad at you for not understanding. But if you are going to ask, make sure the question is relevant and vital. A vital question is something beneficial for everyone. A vital question is something you’ll really learn from.

Manage your time wisely. If there is any time during classes that you aren’t doing anything, don’t just sit there admiring the wall. Get out your notes or your flash cards or whatever it is you use and study. Having a study hall can be really helpful, too. Also, don’t wait to study until the day before a test and then try to learn it all in an hour. That’s called cramming. It’s a no-no. You have to study bit by bit as you learn the material.

Lastly, have self-discipline. Sometimes, you can get into this certain mood that makes sitting still and concentrating on, well, anything seem impossible. But you gotta tough it out and get things done. You’ll definitely regret slacking later. A good thing to do is set goals. Make sure they are attainable. What does that have to do with discipline? Hush, I’m getting there. ¬†When you set goals, you have to have the discipline to follow through with them!

I hope each and every person who reads this article can use it to help them stay ahead and be successful.

By: Dylan Hiegel

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