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If You Write Short Stories, Read This Article


There are many types of creative outlets, from reading, to writing, to drawing, to playing an instrument or singing. My creative outlets include playing trumpet, reading (I’m a Stephen King and Rick Riordan fanboy), and writing. I love writing short stories, of every genre. I know a few other people who enjoy this too. To […]

Things To Do in Toledo


Just think, you live one hour away from a city that is always booming with activities to do. If you’re a nature person who loves to go on walks in the Metroparks, Toledo has plenty for you. There is Wildwood, Swan Creek, Side Cut, Middlegrounds, Pearson, Oak Openings Metroparks, and more in Toledo. If you […]

2017 Trends


Throughout the year, we’ve seen many styles come back that many thought never would come back. For example, hair scrunchies, chokers, jean skirts, crocs, and many more. The style of wearing jean jackets has also made a big comeback. The colors that are widely worn are olive green and maroon. These colors never were worn […]

Russian Nutcracker


The Christmas tale of the Russian Nutcracker starts out at a family party when Uncle Drosselmeyer is handing out presents.  Everyone gets a gift except the daughter, Masha.  At the end of the party, she asks her uncle where her gift is, and he hands her a wonderful Nutcracker toy.  She absolutely falls in love with it […]



If you are in band, you may have heard a few of the older members mention “fair band” or see one of them sporting an AOSFB t-shirt. That’s because those members are or were a member of the All Ohio State Fair Band. I myself have been a member for two years and will continue […]

Got Pumpkins?


Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to start off the season than with some pumpkins?  ADHD Pumpkin Patch and Farms is located on State Route 109 just north of the New Cleveland Church.  They have more than just pumpkins though.  There are gourds, Indian corn, giant pumpkins, pie pumpkins, and much more. […]



They sound like a siren’s song in the wind tugging at the strings to your heart that keeps pulling you in. You are searching and searching, and you finally discover the source of the song, and you realize that it is the high school choir. The high school choir is a fun and exciting experience, but […]

Bringing Awareness to Mental Health


Imagine being locked away in a dark room for days with no light or communication. Once you see a light and go towards it, the light goes out and you’re suddenly in the dark again. The next thing you do is worry, because all you can do is worry. Your breathing intensifies, you’re shaking, and […]

What’s Happening in Texas?


What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a storm with violent winds, usually found near the Caribbean. On August 25, 2017, Texas had been hit by the worst hurricane since 2005’s hurricane, Wilma. People were given warnings on August 17 about the hurricane. As the hurricane became closer, they realized the intensity of the hurricane […]

The Sea of Unknown Faces


You wake up one day from being the oldest kid in middle school and realize that you are now the youngest kid in high school. You think to yourself will there be more work? Is there going to be more stress? It’s fine to have thoughts like these because everyone has them. A lot of […]

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