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Getting a Debit Card


Do you always lose your spare cash? If so, then it may be a good idea to get a debit card! There are some things you need to know in order to prepare before taking on this responsibility. Before you go to the bank to get a debit card, you need to gather some of […]

Sleep Habits


Dear Sleep, I know I hated naps when I was young, but I miss you now. When you were young, you were forced to take a nap in kindergarten or at your babysitter’s house.  Now it seems teens can’t go a day without a nap. No matter if you’re constantly falling asleep in class or […]

When a Family Has Changed…


When changes occur in families due to divorce, death, or relocation, children often feel frightened. The first and foremost thing you can do is to provide the same structure and consistency that you always have. If you are constantly providing the same love and care you have all of the child’s life, it will make them […]

Gatorade or Water?


It is important for athletes to be hydrated during their sporting events. Dehydration causes your body to cramp up due to your muscles being deprived of electrolytes. So, what is better for your body, water or Gatorade? Gatorade is always advertised as being the best thing for you to drink during athletics. However, water helps […]

Starting a Bank Account


By opening a bank account, you can learn responsibility and money-managing skills. For those of you going off to college, it would be a good time to learn how to make good financial decisions and find a place such as a bank to keep your money safe. Before you open an account, you need to figure […]

Does Buying and Accumulating More and More Stuff Make Us Happier?


Many people love to buy different things. For example, tech gadgets, clothing, sneakers, jewelry, you name it. We love to accumulate what we buy too, so it overflows our rooms, closets, garages, basements and yards. And then, we throw some of it away and buy more. But after some point, does all this buying and accumulating of stuff […]

You Know Who’s Boss: The Boss Baby


Look who’s talking? In the movie The Boss Baby, it’s literally a tot! I went with a friend to go see the new animated family movie that just came out. The movie stars the voice talents of Alec Baldwin as the tough-talking, adult acting baby, Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel as parents, Steve Buscemi as […]

Mad about the Meanstreak


The Meanstreak is a roller coaster found at the ever-popular Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. For a time, the Meanstreak was the largest wooden roller coaster on the planet. The ride is located at the back of the park near the Maverick and was a thrill for many who came to the park. […]

Blockbuster Season is Coming Soon!


As the summer draws closer, the conversations about the blockbuster movie season are heating up. This season is when some of the biggest, most-talked-about movie events of the year come to theaters. Many people are off for the summer, so this time of the year is the perfect season to release big movies to even […]

Memorial Day Celebration


Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday is currently observed every year on the last Monday of May, with the holiday being celebrated on May 29th this year. Many people have different ideas on how to spend […]

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