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Dayton’s Baked Crackers


In 1921, The Green and Green Company gave birth to their new product in Dayton, Ohio.  This product, pictured above, was one inch long and one inch wide and made of 100% real cheese.  But is the catchphrase “Made of 100% Real Cheese” misleading?  Along with the cheese, these delicious squares also contain flour,  vegetable […]

Is the Extra Energy Worth the Risk?


Do energy drinks wake you up?  Many Americans seem to think so.  But, there are some risks involved with this popular drink.  Large amounts of this drink for adults could become very dangerous.  It could cause heart your heartbeat to increase dramatically. They contain very high levels of sugar and caffeine.  It is said that one […]

BEWARE of the Diets


Most New Years resolutions have to do with looking at a scale like the one pictured above.  Whether it is working out or dieting, there are a variety of ways to accomplish weight loss.  There are many different types of dieting, the normal eating less, you might cut out junk food, you might focus on […]

National Honor Society


What does it take to be a part of National Honor Society?  There are certain criteria that have to be met in order to be a member.  You have to display the four pillars of the chapter.  These include leadership, character, service, and scholarship. A leader is defined as a person who takes command over […]

Russian Nutcracker


The Christmas tale of the Russian Nutcracker starts out at a family party when Uncle Drosselmeyer is handing out presents.  Everyone gets a gift except the daughter, Masha.  At the end of the party, she asks her uncle where her gift is, and he hands her a wonderful Nutcracker toy.  She absolutely falls in love with it […]

DEFY the Ordinary


Defiance College was founded in 1850.  It was originally a female seminary until the mid-1880’s when they opened the campus for the first students.  It is a very small, homey campus with around 800 students and with an average class size of fifteen students.  There are more than 40 undergraduate programs and 40 student organizations to […]

Got Pumpkins?


Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to start off the season than with some pumpkins?  ADHD Pumpkin Patch and Farms is located on State Route 109 just north of the New Cleveland Church.  They have more than just pumpkins though.  There are gourds, Indian corn, giant pumpkins, pie pumpkins, and much more. […]

“Just Kinda Do It”


Friday night football games, homecoming dances, class trips, prom night, wearing our senior shirts (like the one pictured above)…These are just a few examples of the last time you will do something during your senior year.  Every single one of these “lasts” is just paving our road to an entire lifetime of “firsts”.  Whether you […]

Lady Vikes Diving into the Season


The season has officially started! After all the weeks of hard training and conditioning, the Lady Vikes Volleyball team has started off with a 3-0 win against Bluffton on Tuesday night and another win on Thursday against Elida.  Upcoming home games include Holgate on Saturday, August 26, Vanlue on Monday the 28th, and Pandora-Gilboa on August 31. […]

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