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Mrs. Spangler…One Who Was There For Us All


When growing up as a child, you would always wish to be in Mr. Spangler´s class. One reason you always wanted to go into Mr. Spangler’s  is to see his loving and adoring mother Mrs. Spangler, pictured above. She was born on November 17, 1932, in Dayton, Ohio. She has been coming to school for 19 […]

How to Have Stability


If you have a full-time job and struggle to have a good work schedule and balance it around school schedules, maybe this article will help. One thing to help with balancing your schedule is to talk to your advisers. You can see if any of your classes are flexible or even online. The second tip is […]

Purple/Gold Day


Today’s theme is purple and gold. There were many kids showing the school colors today as we walked through the halls. In the picture above, you can see there are many people that have dressed up for the occasion. We will be playing Pandora tonight, and that is why all of the football players in […]

Red, White, and Blue: The Colors We Love


Today’s theme was red, white, and blue. Many people today have shown their support and dressed up for this occasion. As you can see in the picture, one man by the name of Antonio Suarez took the dressing up to a whole new level and was creative. It´s just not the students dressing up either. […]

Light Up Your Day With Neon


The theme for today was Neon. If you were having a dull day, I bet you are not now that you have seen all the neon in the building. The hallways are filled with all sorts of colors when the bell rings. It will be like walking into a sea of bright colors that slowly […]

Favorite Team/Jersey Day


Today´s theme was to wear your favorite team or your favorite jersey. As you can see in the picture above, spirit week can apply to anyone in the school from first grade all the way up to seniors. Make sure you dress up for spirit week and have fun and be creative while doing it. […]

PJ Day


Here is a pic of some of the people who dressed up for spirit week. Today’s theme is pajama day, and you should dress up for spirit week just to have a good time or to even to show school spirit. Make sure you dress up for the rest of the week. Tomorrow’s theme is […]



They sound like a siren’s song in the wind tugging at the strings to your heart that keeps pulling you in. You are searching and searching, and you finally discover the source of the song, and you realize that it is the high school choir. The high school choir is a fun and exciting experience, but […]

The Sea of Unknown Faces


You wake up one day from being the oldest kid in middle school and realize that you are now the youngest kid in high school. You think to yourself will there be more work? Is there going to be more stress? It’s fine to have thoughts like these because everyone has them. A lot of […]

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