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Gatorade or Water?


It is important for athletes to be hydrated during their sporting events. Dehydration causes your body to cramp up due to your muscles being deprived of electrolytes. So, what is better for your body, water or Gatorade? Gatorade is always advertised as being the best thing for you to drink during athletics. However, water helps […]

Swim Team Summary


The swim season has been over for several months now. A quick recap of the season can be given by Raegan Cupp. She is the only member of the Leipsic swim team. She started her own team in 2013 when she became a freshman in high school. She has swam for all four years of […]

Preparing for AP tests


High school kids are getting more and more pressure to take college credit courses. However, these college courses usually require an AP test to be taken at the end of the year. The scoring is a 1 through 5 scoring system. The goal is to score at least a 3 to be accepted by colleges. […]

Graduation Party Planning


Planning for a graduation party can be very time consuming and stressful. However, if you take some time to lay out a plan of action, it can cut down on unnecessary time spent and headaches. When planning a graduation party, it is important to start with making a guest list. From there you will know […]



College prices are at an all-time high, and students are finding it harder and harder to be able to pay the bills. Besides getting a job, another way to get money for your education is through scholarships. The due date for most of the Leipsic scholarships is April 18th. A lot of the scholarships through […]

So Much To Do In Toledo


There may not be a lot to do in Leipsic, but there is plenty to do in Toledo which is only an hour drive away. There are many fun and different things to do in Toledo. If you are an outdoorsy person, a drive to Toledo would be worthwhile. Toledo has the Toledo Zoo which is […]

Muscles and Bones and Functions, Oh My!


All students who are considering a career in the medical field should contemplate taking Miss Campbell’s anatomy class their senior year. This year’s anatomy class is being offered to seniors as a college credit class. This means that by taking the class, students are gaining credit hours for the college they plan to attend. A […]

Florida State University


College can be extremely stressful and tiring. However, going to your dream college can make your college experience more enjoyable. My dream college is Florida State University. The biggest reason for choosing Florida State is the gorgeous campus and weather. The average temperature in Florida, in the winter months, is 65 degrees. Temperatures become a […]

Kaitlyn’s Cottage


Leipsic Student Council teamed up with Continental High School in January to raise money for an organization of their choosing. After several meetings, Kaitlyn’s Cottage was selected. Kaitlyn’s Cottage is a short-term care facility for people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities. This facility is located in Defiance and is a non-profit organization. The […]

Dream Job… Flight Attendant


When I think of a dream job, I think about traveling the world and seeing beautiful places. Being a flight attendant takes you all around the world and pays you to do it. Flight attendants have the luxury of visiting many different states and even different countries. When an airplane has landed for the day, flight […]

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