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Brothers in Prison


Back behind bars, cut off from the world, and sentenced to stay there forever in prison.  Wentworth Miller plays Michael Scofield in the TV series Prison Break.  The show has four seasons and was aired in 2005 and ended in 2009.  The plot line followed multiple characters in prison, some names being Lincoln Burrows as […]

The Shorty Awards


Camera lights flashing, bright spotlights everywhere, red carpet event, and awards made of glass or gold, and they are shining brightly.  These are the Shorty Awards which are coming up in April and will be on the 23rd.  This will be the ninth annual awards ceremony that everyone will be celebrating.  The Shorty Awards are all […]

Throwback to…Friends!


Lights, camera, action!  One of the popular TV shows that had audiences wanting more is Friends.  The picture above shows the show’s stars.  The show was very popular when it aired in 1994, and it continued to air for 10 seasons, ending in 2004.  The show is about a group of people living in New […]

Dream College


What’s your dream college that you want to go to?  Is it a big university in a soaring city?  Or, is it in a small town where everyone knows who you are?  Is the college famous for its art students? Or, maybe it produces the best new business ideas. One of the many dream colleges […]

Fans of the Week


During the week, starting on January 23, WOSN put together a poll to vote for the best local student section.  Five different schools who compete against each other were nominated to participate in the poll.  The schools included Ada, Columbus Grove, Bluffton, Pandora-Gilboa, Kalida, and Leipsic.  These students were joyous to have a chance to […]

Wake Up to the Smell of Coffee!


Are you a coffee lover?  Are you someone who loves to wake up and smell the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee?  Do you love the feeling of a hot cup in your hands as you breathe the scent in?  Well, you will be able to buy your own cup of coffee in the morning before […]

Just Do the Dew


The Mountain Dew can design is a very well known design.  Those who enjoy this drink are familiar with that dark green background with those bright slashes of light green across it.  But now, what if I were to tell you the game has changed?  Mountain Dew has come out with a new can design for the […]

Dream Job…A Baker


Can you imagine a life where you enjoyed doing a job day in and day out?  Where you looked forward to coming to work and performing your dream job?  You may think this is very unlikely, if not impossible.  But believe me, some people have been able to do exactly that. According to a research […]

Wish You Were Here . . . in Chicago


Have you ever dreamed of visiting a big city, with bustling streets of people walking on sidewalks versus cars and buses driving on the road, a beautiful blue sky with the sun set at high noon whose rays bounce off the soaring skyscrapers, and the amazing smells of different foods that are being fried, smoked, […]

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